[Can confinement eat shrimp]_ Eat shrimp _ Maternal _ Can you eat

[Can confinement eat shrimp]_ Eat shrimp _ Maternal _ Can you eat

Shrimp is a very popular aquatic product in life. The shrimp meat is rich in protein and traces, which has a certain nutritional effect on the human body, but because the shrimp is cold, it can be eaten by the mother, but not too much.Otherwise, it will easily cause bad effects on the body.


For a long time, people did not have too many taboos on eating shrimp. When some people found that the shrimp was cold, they asked pregnant women and postpartum mothers not to eat shrimp.

From a scientific perspective, can confinement eat shrimp?

In fact, for postpartum Baoma, shrimp is edible.

Shrimp is a very common seafood. The content of calcium is very high. Among the many seafood, the nationals have always been fond of shrimp.

However, pregnant women and postpartum Baoma are not allowed to eat shrimp in many cases. This is mainly because it is cold and not suitable for eating.


The reason why we maintain a positive attitude to the question of whether confinement can eat shrimp is mainly because it has a great promotion effect on the postpartum recovery.

Everyone understands that confinement is a critical period of physical adjustment. Some traditional feudal confinement thoughts are very undesirable, and the taboos of shrimp are not very scientific.

Shrimp supplementation not only makes Baoma not rich in calcium and trace elements, it also has great benefits for the quality of milk.


Many breastfeeding mothers also have many questions about whether they can eat shrimp during confinement. In addition to daily confinement meal supplements, eating some prawns has great benefits in improving the calcium in breast milk.

Many times, too many children prevent shrimp allergy. In many cases, if the child has some little red dots and does not know what the reason is, you need to consider whether Baoma eats shrimp.

When you are not sure if eating your own shrimp will affect your child, it is best to try it first, if you have any adverse reactions, you should first check with your doctor.